The Invasion of Eleanor
Drama (2019)

When Parker’s mother is expelled from her residential facility, she shares a bedroom with her LGBTQA+ grand-daughter. The family’s dysfunction is intensified by Eleanor’s peculiar behavior and intermittent memory loss.

ADMIN aka MARGARET FINCH (40s-50s) – Professional and to the point. No nonsense.
PARKER DeWITT (40s+) – Stressed but loving mother, resentful and confused by the mother/ daughter relationship.
CHARLES DeWITT (40s+) – Parker’s husband. Supportive and soft spoken unless in defense mode. Dry humor.
ELEANOR EVANS (80s+) – Parker’s Mom. Loud, often inappropriate and unfiltered. As if she was somehow stunted emotionally at 12. Her memory is going.
ELLIE DeWITT (22) – Parker and Charles’ daughter. She identifies as part of the LGBTQA+ community. She is extremely bright. She also has Asperger’s Syndrome, although that is never mentioned in the play outright.

TIME: The Present.
PLACE: New York City, An upstate residential facility, and an NYC Upper West Side apartment.
One-Act Play / 50 minutes
Cast: 1M, 3F, 1 non-binary