One Act Plays

Between 30 and 60 minutes

Murder is Served by Bambi Everson. A murderous love triangle amongst octogenarians in an assisted living facility. Married for 40 years, Steve Lowenthal's life has been made intolerable by his henpecking wife, Rita. Finding new love in the rehabilitation center leads to deceit, treachery, revenge and cheating at Scrabble. One act, approx. 45 min.
A writer’s work is disrupted when his printer takes on a life, and an agenda, of its own. One act, approx. 50 minutes.
Deception by Bambi Everson. A brief encounter in a bar leads to a complicated entanglement. Dishonesty and lying are rampant, but who is doing what? One act, approx. 55 minutes.
With nowhere to channel her grief, Elizabeth strikes up an unusual relationship with her recently dead boyfriend. One act, approx. 40 minutes.
Approaching yet another birthday, Carol is determined to sleep through it, but is visited by unwanted guests. One act, approx. 55 minutes.
Blind Date by Bambi Everson. Beautiful and calculating Julia has a Machiavellian scheme in mind when she sets up her introverted roommate Meg with her ex-boyfriend Dave. An uncomfortable dinner date leads to some hard truths. One act, approx. 35 minutes.
DAD'S HOME (50m)
A slightly curdled guardian angel story. An innocent young angel-in-training is assigned the task of improving the life of a surly malcontent - with no further instructions. Some good deeds can't go unpunished! One act, approx. 55 min.
When Parker’s mother is expelled from her residential facility, she shares a bedroom with her LGBTQA+ grand-daughter. The family’s dysfunction is intensified by Eleanor’s peculiar behavior and intermittent memory loss. One act, approx. 50 minutes.
Much to everyone's dismay, Jeff’s ex-wife keeps turning up at their old apartment, while walking in her sleep on medication. The families attempt to get to the root of her problem. One act, approx. 45 minutes.