Full Length Plays

60 minutes or longer

In this standalone sequel to The Thin Man In the Cherry Orchard, Anya convinces Nora to take part in an amateur theater production. As is par for the course, a murder takes place and Nick must solve the crime before opening night. Full length, approx. 100m, one intermission.
Sincerely Held Beliefs by Bambi Everson. Mandy is caught between her two friends. One a grieving mother, and the other a zealous clairvoyant who is convinced she is receiving messages from the other side. Mandy must try to mediate these two relationships, while staying true to her own beliefs. Full length, approximately 80 minutes.
Wrong Call by Bambi Everson. Roger is a hapless loser. He's just broken up with his girlfriend. He's alone and desperate in a hotel downtown, and decides for the first time in his life to call an escort service. The first in a series of wrong calls for Roger. A tale of one man's blundering attempts to cover-up an embarrassing incident, causing it to spiral completely out of control. A symphony of schadenfreude. One act, approx. 75 minutes.
Michael, newly divorced, broke and depressed, has taken up residence at the apartment of his best friend, Alice. Prompted by Alice, Michael begins to rework a discarded film noir novel. He soon runs into trouble when his femme fatale, Maxie Malone, comes to life with an agenda of her own – one that does not include Alice. Blithe Spirit meets The Maltese Falcon.
Violet Ward attempts to figure out her relationship with her recently deceased father. There are strange happenings in the house she has inherited. One act, approx. 70 minutes.