Wander Woman
Drama (2018)

Much to everyone’s dismay, Jeff’s ex-wife keeps turning up at their old apartment, while walking in her sleep on medication. The families attempt to get to the root of her problem.


CAROL (30s) – Jeff’s wife. Thin, controlling, health-conscious.
JEFF (late 30s) – Abby’s ex-husband. World-weary.
ABBY (30s) – Frazzled, neurotic, somnolent.
TED (late 30s) – Abby’s partner. Patient, compassionate, exhausted.
ALISON (pre-teen) – Surly, wise beyond her years.

TIME: The present.
PLACE: Carol and Jeff’s apartment; Abby and Ted’s apartment.

One-Act Play / 45 minutes
Cast: 2M, 2F, 1F pre-teen