Between Here and Where You Are
Drama (2017)
A woman straddles two worlds after the loss of her partner.

KAREN (any age or ethnicity): Good friend and upstairs neighbor of Leslie.. Think Ethel Mertz from “I Love Lucy.” She is tightly wrapped, bossy, but her concern for her friend is genuine.

DAVE (any age or ethnicity): Karen’s long suffering partner. He is used to Karen’s histrionics, but adores her just the same. He is quiet, aloof, and not one to jump to conclusions.

LESLIE (any age or ethnicity): A movie geek to the Nth degree. Having recently lost the love of her life, she is lost, struggling to move on with her life, but not sure if she wants to.

Leslie’s apartment in Manhattan. Afternoon. Present day.
Short Play / 20 minutes
Cast: 1M, 2F