Sincerely Held Beliefs by Bambi Everson. Mandy is caught between her two friends. One a grieving mother, and the other a zealous clairvoyant who is convinced she is receiving messages from the other side. Mandy must try to mediate these two relationships, while staying true to her own beliefs. Full length, approximately 80 minutes.

Play of the Day: SINCERELY HELD BELIEFS SINCERELY HELD BELIEFSby Bambi Everson SINCERELY HELD BELIEFS, set in present-day New York City, takes the audience on a journey that is as heart-wrenching

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Approaching yet another birthday, Carol is determined to sleep through it, but is visited by unwanted guests. One act, approx. 55 minutes.

Play of the Day: A BIRTHDAY CAROL A BIRTHDAY CAROLby Bambi Everson In A BIRTHDAY CAROL, we meet a woman in her 50s who has grown to despise anything celebratory due

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Having worked out their issues, the future Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein visit her mother’s house for help planning their wedding. One act, approx. 20 minutes.

Play of the Day: FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE PARENTS FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE PARENTSby Bambi Everson In a delightful twist on a classic tale, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE PARENTS is a short play that takes

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A widowed cinephile is pressured into returning to the dating scene, but finds himself facing a plot twist that even he could never have guessed. One act, approx. 12 minutes.

Play of the Day: MY FAIRE LADY MY FAIRE LADYby Bambi Everson Play of the Day presents MY FAIRE LADY, a 12 minute short set in a coffee shop somewhere in

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