PLAY: Wrong Call

Roger is a hapless loser. He’s just broken up with his girlfriend. He’s alone and desperate in a hotel downtown, and decides for the first time in his life to call an escort service. The first in a series of wrong calls for Roger. A tale of one man’s blundering attempts to cover-up an embarrassing incident, causing it to spiral completely out of control. A symphony of schadenfreude. One act, approx. 75 minutes.

ROGER EDWARDS (30s) – Hapless, tightly wrapped.
ANDY CRAWFORD (30s) – Roger’s best friend. Loyal, problem solver.
EMILY MAYNARD (20s-30s) – Roger’s ex. Volatile. Determined.
SHERYL STEINMAN (late 30s) – Strong, independent. Ice queen.
OFFICER GAIL CANNADY (late 30s – early 40s) – Veteran, dedicated, no-nonsense.
SAMMY – (30s-40s) – Prison guard. Could be doubled by ANDY or OFFICER GAIL.
MAN (40s-50s) – Customer in bar. Doubled by ANDY.
ASSORTED OFFSTAGE TV VOICES – News Announcer, Contestant, etc. Doubled by anyone.

TIME: The present.
PLACE: New York City

Would you like a taste of Roger’s medicine? Here’s how it all starts.