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PLAY: Wander Woman

Much to everyone’s dismay, Jeff’s ex-wife keeps turning up at their old apartment, while walking in her sleep on medication. The families attempt to get to the root of her problem. One act, approx. 45 minutes.


CAROL (30s) – Jeff’s wife. Thin, controlling, health-conscious.
JEFF (late 30s) – Abby’s ex-husband. World-weary.
ABBY (30s) – Frazzled, neurotic, somnolent.
TED (late 30s) – Abby’s partner. Patient, compassionate, exhausted.
ALISON (pre-teen) – Surly, wise beyond her years.

TIME: The present.
PLACE: Carol and Jeff’s apartment; Abby and Ted’s apartment.

1 Response
  • MichaelG
    October 20, 2019

    Very much enjoyed the recent NYC reading of this at Tada!

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