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PLAY: Unplugged

A writer’s work is disrupted when his printer takes on a life, and an agenda, of its own. One act, approx. 45 minutes.


WRITER aka MARSHALL (Male as written but flexible. Non-specific ethnicity and age) – Stressed out, defensive, neurotic, damaged.
PRINTER (Female as written but flexible. Non-specific ethnicity and age) – Latest model. Smart. Detached. Vengeful.
WARD (Male, flexible age) – Writer’s younger half-brother. Successful, compassionate caretaker.
JULIE (Female, non specific age) – Competent television talk show host, also doubles as DOCTOR and MANAGER.

TIME: The Present
PLACE: Writer’s apartment, Anytown, USA.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In the style of “A Beautiful Mind,” or “Farinelli and The King,” the Printer is voiced by a physical person who is unseen by the Writer, but follows the printer as it’s moved around the stage. We’re never really sure if the printer’s dialog is all in the writer’s mind or not.

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