PLAY: Sincerely Held Beliefs

Mandy is caught between her two friends. One a grieving mother, and the other a zealous clairvoyant who is convinced she is receiving messages from the other side. Mandy must try to mediate these two relationships, while staying true to her own beliefs. One act, approximately 80 minutes.


MANDY (40s) – A genuinely good person. Loyal friend. Pragmatic.
MARSHA (40s) – Mandy’s best friend from high school days. Into all things metaphysical, holistic and spiritual. Needy. She shoplifts.
HILARY (40s) – Mandy’s close friend. They all knew each other from high school but Hilary’s and Mandy’s friendship grew stronger in recent years, due to the fact they were both devoted single moms.

TIME: The Present.
PLACE: New York City.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a personal play for me, born out of an experience with two diametrically opposed high school friends. What I’m after is something that could be interpreted as a ghost story or a psychological drama, and ride that ambiguity all the way to the end. My hope is to examine the line between sincerely held beliefs and mental illness, and reflect on how we treat people who have different views from our own.

Would you like to read it? Here’s how it starts.