PLAY: Murder is Served

A murderous love triangle amongst octogenarians in an assisted living facility. Married for 40 years, Steve Lowenthal’s life has been made intolerable by his henpecking wife, Rita. Finding new love in the rehabilitation center leads to deceit, treachery, revenge and cheating at Scrabble.

One act, approx. 45 min.


RITA LOWENTHAL (83) Strident, tactless and high-strung.
STEVE LOWENTHAL (90) Long-suffering second husband to Rita.
MAUDE ELLIOT (84) Quintessential nurturing grandmother.
DETECTIVE ROBERT BAILEY (age unspecified) Seasoned professional.

SETTING: Modest home in California.
TIME: The present.

PRODUCTION NOTE: You can use brightly colored play-dough for Rita’s Christmas candies. It should look hideous.

Would you like a taste? Here’s an excerpt.