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PLAY: Heaven Sent

A slightly curdled guardian angel story. An innocent young angel-in-training is assigned the task of improving the life of a surly malcontent – with no further instructions. Some good deeds can’t go unpunished! One act, approx. 55 min.


GODFREY (Non-specific ethnicity, age or gender) – Overworked and underpaid middle management worker, possibly God. Gruff and rule-oriented.

CATHERINE (20’s, non-specific ethnicity) – An angel in training. Innocent, naive and eager.

DOUG (30’s, non-specific ethnicity) – A malcontent.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As GODFREY may be The Supreme Being, the character can be portrayed by any ethnicity or gender. At an early reading, GODFREY was played by an African-American woman, which worked well. You may wish to gender-neutralize CATHERINE’S references to GODFREY, but I prefer to have DOUG continue to think GODFREY is a man, and respond accordingly. Don’t feel obligated to gender-neutralize, though, as CATHERINE might reasonably think GODFREY is just a middle management angel and not the Real Deal.

I wrote this play for my daughter. Would you like to read it? Here it is!

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