Bambi Everson as Emily Dickinson for ThirdWing

Last year, I appeared as Emily Dickinson in ThirdWing’s ( production of The Female Genius. This clip shows excerpts, behind the scenes footage, and an interview with me, where I talk about my plays.

The Female Genius is darkly comic look at the struggle of having great talent in a sexist world. In a series of short plays, a dying Emily Dickinson verbally abuses her caring sister, Mary Shelley procrastinates on writing Frankenstein by seducing Lord Byron, JK Rowling can’t pay the babysitter, Ayn Rand encourages a young acolyte to assault her, and Zora Neale Hurston’s pro-segregation speech upends white expectations.

Presented as a 6-part teleplay on Thirdwing’s platform. Featured in the New York Times and Broadway World, Thirdwing is a virtual theatre company based in NYC. Thirdwing gives you access to plays written directly for streaming, behind-the-scenes documentaries on their process, and masterclass interviews with theater greats. And best of all, admission is included to future live shows in NYC. Get on the list to get more info and see the rest of the documentary at